Amyloidosis 2017 Westmead Conference : Clinical & Scientific Programme

Preliminary Programmes

Saturday 11 February 2017

Loewenthal Auditorium, Westmead Education Centre

 1. Clinical & Scientific Programme

The clinical and scientific programme is aimed at providing practical updates on diagnosis and management (including major advances in disease-modifying treatment) of each of the major amyloidosis disorders, predominantly AL, AA and ATTR – familial and wild type.

Recent advances are particularly relevant to cardiologists but also of importance to clinicians across all of the fields affected by amyloid disease


Plenary Session 1    Advances in diagnosis                                 8.30-10.20am

Chair : Graeme Stewart                                                                     

8.30am    Introduction and Welcome

8.40am     What is amyloidosis ?

                  Peter Mollee

8.50am     The spectrum and prevalence of the amyloid diseases

                   Fiona Kwok

9.00am     How to diagnose and type amyloidosis

                  Philip Hawkins

9.40am     How to diagnose cardiac amyloidosis

                  Rodney Falk


10.20 – 10.50am     COFFEE BREAK


Plenary Session 2       Brief updates                                          10.50am – 12.20pm

Chair : Fiona Kwok

10.50am   Amyloid L disease

                  Simon Gibbs

11.00am   Autoinflammation and Amyloid A disease

                  Ming-Wei Lin

11.10am   Detection of amyloidogenic genetic mutations

                  David Booth

11.20 amFamilial amyloidosis : carrier detection and prophylaxis

                  Graeme Stewart

11.30am   Amyloid neuropathies

                  Steve Vucic

12.00pm   Renal amyloidosis

                  Richard Phoon

12.10pm   Cardiac amyloidosis : the Westmead experience

                  Liza Thomas


12.20 – 1.00pm     LUNCH


Plenary Session 3       Advances in management                 1.00 – 2.20pm

Chair : Peter Mollee

1.00pm     Cardiac amyloidosis

                  Rodney Falk

1.40pm     Non-cardiac amyloidosis

                  Philip Hawkins

Parallel Session 1   Cardiac Amyloidosis                                          2.30 – 3.40pm

Case-based interactive session with Rodney Falk

Chair : Liza Thomas

Designed to assist specialists involved in the diagnosis and management of cardiac amyloidosis in understanding the varied clinical presentations and in meeting the diagnostic and treatment challenges in 2017.


2.30 – 3.30pmSix selected case presentations and discussions aimed at

                              highlighting the many difficulties and traps encountered 

                              in the specialised amyloidosis centres

3.30 – 3.40pmSummary and final questions   

                           Philip Hawkins


Parallel Session 2   Non-cardiac Amyloidosis                          2.30 – 2.30pm

Case-based interactive session with Philip Hawkins

Chair : Ming-Wei Lin

Designed to assist specialists in Tissue Pathology, Medical Imaging (MRI, Nuclear Medicine, PET), Haematology, Rheumatology, Immunology, Genetic Medicine, Neurology and Renal Medicine in understanding the varied clinical presentation and prevalence and in meeting the diagnostic and treatment challenges in the range of amyloidosis disorders in 2017.


2.30 – 3.30pm Case presentations and discussions selected to highlight 

                           the many difficulties and traps encountered in the specialised

                              amyloidosis centres

3.30 – 3.40pmSummary and final questions   

                           Philip Hawkins


3.40 – 4.10pm   COFFEE BREAK


Plenary Session 4    Future directions                                            4.10 – 4.50pm

Chair : Simon Gibbs

4.10 – 4.30pm    How close is a cure for amyloidosis ?  Scientific breakthrough

                              and planned clinical trials

                            Philip Hawkins


4.30-4.50pm       Final questions and discussion

                             Philip Hawkins and Rodney Falk


4.50pm                 WORKSHOP CLOSE