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National Amyloidosis Day May 8th 

National Amyloidosis Day May 8th 
Presented by Australian Amyloidosis Network

We are extremely lucky to have two International Speakers joining us this year along with our magnificent doctors on a National Tour spreading expertise on Amyloidosis,

Professor Julian Gillmore & Professor Angela Dispenzieri

In Sydney we will be holding a patient & carer programme along with a medical programme on National Amyloidosis Day May 8th at Westmead Hospital

Registration is free of charge however essential due to catering and can be made via…

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This year with the creation of The Golden Eagle Race Day (same day as the Victorian Derby) which is being held on Saturday 2nd November at Rosehill Gardens, The Annual Adam Gardiner Fund INC. Race Day has been confirmed for the following

Saturday 9th November 2019


Beside the date change all details are to remain the same

Please contact if you require any additional information

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Annual AGF INC. "Derby Day" Race Day 2018

Thank you for joining us at The Annual Adam Gardiner Fund INC. "Derby Day" Race Day

Once again thank you to Our Major Sponsor, Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club our ClubsGrant Sponsor, Wenty Leagues our Annual Sponsor, Griffin Air Conditioning, all of our supporters, family & friends for your continued support

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Thank you Kerry & David for a fantastic night and for your support not only for

Adam Gardiner Fund INC but for Easts Rugby Club

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It is with extreme pride that we can share with you the below "Press Release" written by Professor Graeme Stewart AM, Director, Clinical Immunology, Westmead Hospital Director, Centre for Immunology & Allergy Research Westmead Institute for Medical Research

Without our Major Sponsor, Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club, Our ClubsGrant Sponsor, Wenty Leagues Club, Our Annual Sponsor, Griffin Air Conditioning and all our supporters, family & friends this would still be a dream 

 From The Board of The Adam Gardiner Fund INC. we thank you all


Adam Gardiner Amyloidosis Clinic at Westmead Hospital

invited to join three new clinical trials


Clinical trials are an important means of getting early access for patients to better treatments. Participants in a clinical trial are assured of ongoing treatment after the trial has finished, often 2 years before governments agree to pay for proven new therapies.

Funding through the Adam Gardiner Fund INC. has enabled the team at Westmead to establish capacity to take on the resource-intensive role of a clinical trials centre.

In the past month, 3 pharmaceutical companies have invited the Westmead centre to be a trial site for exciting new therapies. This includes the anti-SAP treatment pioneered by the UK National Amyloidosis Centre and until now tested only in London, Boston and at the Mayo Clinic. Each of the treatments in these trials carry a high level of confidence of being valuable improvements in care, with the anti-SAP treatment being perhaps the most exciting due to its ability to stimulate cells of the immune system to chew up all forms of amyloid, potentially removing it from the organs the amyloid deposits are damaging.

Such invitations depend upon reputation as a centre of expertise with the comprehensive range of resources needed to carry out very complicated trials. The reputation of the Adam Gardiner Westmead Amyloidosis Centre has been developed over the past 11 years as Australia’s first comprehensive, multidisciplinary clinic providing world’s best care to people and families living with Amyloidosis. Clinical trials in this complex group of serious diseases require the knowledge and experience of medical specialists in several fields working in a co-ordinated way as has been established at Westmead over more than a decade. It also requires senior nurses with expertise in the running of complex trials.

Advances in Amyloidosis research are now paying off with new treatments being trialled at a rate well above that for many diseases. In partnership with the Adam Gardiner Fund INC., the Westmead Amyloidosis Clinic is determined to ensure that Australian patients have equal opportunity of access to these advances in medical science at the earliest possible time.

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We would like to thank our Major Sponsor, Ryde Eastwood Leagues Club,

Our ClubsGrant Sponsor, Wenty Leagues Club,

Our Annual Sponsor, Griffin Air Conditioning

and all our supporters, family & friends

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State Of Origin Sportsmen Luncheon

Thank you to our Sponsors, Supporters & Special Guests for making our

State Of Origin Luncheon a huge success !

We hope you had as much fun as we did